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Language is our passion, communication is our profession.

Our Strength


As one of the leading service providers for customers in a multinational and multicultural environment, we’ve been working in what we consider to be one of the most exciting career fields since 1999: helping others to communicate in our world’s languages. We translate texts from diverse specialist areas for customers in virtually all sectors.

As a translation agency, we unite freelance translators from all over the world who not only share a love of languages but who also demonstrate strong communication skills, in-depth specialist knowledge, and a sharp eye for detail. They translate with expertise, an innate sense of the language, and a professional style.

An affinity for foreign languages is, of course, a prerequisite here. But that’s not all:

Ideally, translators who enjoy working with foreign languages translate into their native language. This ensures that the text sounds natural with regard to word choice, grammar, style etc., and that it adheres to the official and unofficial rules of language use.

That’s why we work exclusively with freelancers who translate into their native languages. Whenever possible, we select translators who are actually living in the respective country.

Language evolves continuously. Some changes occur swiftly and are obvious; others happen over long periods of time and are barely noticeable. It’s important to us that our native-speaking translators experience the evolution of their languages in their everyday lives and incorporate this in their work. In their native countries, they are immersed in the respective language every day and this helps them to stay on the ball while translating.

Another advantage for our customers: We make an effort to assign translators to customers on long term to promote stylistic consistency. In addition, this automatically reduces the number of questions that arise as the translator is already familiar with the customer’s texts.

We have been working with many of our translators for several years. Our relationship with our translators can be described as friendly, fair, and based on trust. This is something we greatly value.

Our Competence


You’ve written or translated a text and you read through it but overlook errors – because you’re too immersed in the content and know it too well. Your eye simply glides over the individual words – because you already know what’s in the text. Time to have the text or translation proofread by an external editor, preferably someone who has never seen the text before.

Whether you need proofreading for a translation or a regular text, our language experts will be pleased to go through your text, word by word, sentence by sentence, and check it for correct spelling and punctuation. Our proofreading services include the correction of grammer.

Once your text has been proofread, you can receive two text versions from us if you like: one with visible changes in which you can track each change individually and reject or accept it, and one “clean” version of the text that already includes all of the proofreader’s corrections.

But what exactly is the difference between using the spell checker in a word-processing program and having a language expert proofread your text?

When your text is proofread, whether as classic proofreading or the proofreading of a translation, the proofreader’s work begins where computer-assisted spelling and grammar checks fall short. Because a word that is incorrect grammatically or content-wise in a certain context goes undetected as long as it is correctly spelled – the computer programme can’t assess the context of the content; the meaning of a word is not recognized. (For example, “mark” and “mask” are both correct according to the software.) Our language experts read the text in its intended context and can spot deviations that need correcting.

Whether for spelling, grammar, punctuation or correct hyphenation: Our proofreaders review your texts in accordance with the rules of the language and give them that final polish.

Our Experience


You’re working on an extensive report or making a brochure, perhaps you are combining content from various sources, and at the end you have a finished text but it’s not truly final yet. The text lacks cohesion. You were so busy putting it together that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. What your text needs now is editing.

Some spelling errors may have also escaped your notice, or the punctuation could use a check, or the grammar needs to be tweaked in some spots – for such cases, editing is indispensable.

Sometimes authors are so immersed in the material that they forget that the reader may not have the same level of knowledge and that more explanations are needed in the text.

Here, a look from the outside can be a great help: Your text is critically assessed by an independent editor. The editor may notice inconsistencies and make suggestions for solving the problem.

In addition to content, the language itself is meticulously reviewed and the text is edited and corrected in accordance with the latest standards.

Your texts are edited for style, consistency of content, and comprehensibility. Changes are suggested and the corrections are performed. Our editing services also include classic proofreading – spelling, grammar, punctuation and hyphenation.

Particularly for publications such as brochures, manuals, catalogues, research papers and articles, it’s important to have an external, independent editor take a careful look.

You can book our editing services for German or foreign language (e.g. English) texts.

Our team of trained editors will bring out the best in your texts and help you to achieve a presentation that has been enhanced in every respect.

Quality Assurance

Good quality is our claim

Our aim is to be a reliable partner to our client companies by providing high-quality services. Our supreme guiding principles as a company include ensuring that our clients are satisfied at all times and seeking to improve on this on a continuous basis.

We are also member of the German Association of Quality Translation Companies (Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschland).
One factor guaranteeing the high quality of our translators is the fact that they all translate exclusively in accordance with DIN EN 17100.

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