An important factor for the success
of your translation:

Choosing the
right Translator

Your text lives and dies by the choice of the correct form of linguistic expression. The key thing with any translation is to reproduce and reflect the content and tone of a text in the most precise way possible and in doing so to preserve the style and intricacies of the target language. This is a very fine balancing act. It is not sufficient merely to correctly record the meaning of your text and to reproduce this in the foreign language. The message between the lines, the overall impression conveyed also needs to be grasped and translated to the relevant target language in accordance with the expectations and conventions of the target country.

A good translation should not read like a translation in itself, and only then has your order been fulfilled. This is what makes the difference in terms of quality

All translators are subject to continuous assessment of their performance and quality control procedures.

Our many years of experience have enabled us to select the best translators in the market to work for you as part of our team. They have shown themselves to be particularly well qualified thanks to their linguistic deftness and their in-depth specialist expertise. For only they understand the nuances and finer details which ultimately make all the difference when it comes to translating your texts in a factually accurate and linguistically correct way.

Depending on the specialist field of your documents, we use only specialised translators who have the appropriate expertise and know-how, have broadened their qualifications with extra training courses and work in accordance with the specifications of DIN EN 17100.

Optimum consistency of terminology is guaranteed because we allocate your orders to fixed, regular translators and also compile a glossary list.


What translators say about WORTWELT:

Hilal A.

Specialist translator German/English-Turkish

“I can’t single out any of the employees because the WORTWELT team as a whole is very nice and accommodating. I am already looking forward to our further cooperation!”

Michael J.

Specialist translator German-English

„I have been working together with WORTWELT for several years now and find the agency to be very thorough, professional and passionate about providing customers with the translations and level of service they want. The staff are always very courteous and pleasant to deal with. The wide range of prestigious clients reflects the agency’s reputation for excellence and punctuality in delivering top-quality translations.“

Melanie K.

Specialist translator English/French-German

“From my perspective as a translator, WORTWELT is quite simply the ideal client. The approach of the entire team is characterised by great professionalism, cordiality and a tangible sense of quality. Working together is always a real pleasure. However, what makes this translation agency truly unique in my eyes is an omnipresent, less tangible component: simple elegance.”

Quality Assurance

Certified Quality

Our aim is to be a reliable partner to our client companies by providing high-quality services. Our supreme guiding principles as a company include ensuring that our clients are satisfied at all times and seeking to improve on this on a continuous basis.

We are also a member of QSD (Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschland).
The fact that our translators translate exclusively according to DIN EN 17100 speaks for the high quality of our services.

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