Does this ever happen to you?

You’re working on an extensive report or making a brochure, perhaps you are combining content from various sources, and at the end you have a finished text but it’s not truly final yet. The text lacks cohesion. You were so busy putting it together that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. What your text needs now is editing.

Some spelling errors may have also escaped your notice, or the punctuation could use a check, or the grammar needs to be tweaked in some spots – for such cases, editing is indispensable.

Sometimes authors are so immersed in the material that they forget that the reader may not have the same level of knowledge and that more explanations are needed in the text.

Here, a look from the outside can be a great help: Your text is critically assessed by an independent editor. The editor may notice inconsistencies and make suggestions for solving the problem.

In addition to content, the language itself is meticulously reviewed and the text is edited and corrected in accordance with the latest standards.

Your texts are edited for style, consistency of content, and comprehensibility. Changes are suggested and the corrections are performed. Our editing services also include classic proofreading – spelling, grammar, punctuation and hyphenation.

Particularly for publications such as brochures, manuals, catalogues, research papers and articles, it’s important to have an external, independent editor take a careful look.

You can book our editing services for German or foreign language (e.g. English) texts.

Our team of trained editors will bring out the best in your texts and help you to achieve a presentation that has been enhanced in every respect.